Welcome to the grml repository.

This is the Debian package repository of grml.org.

If you want to use this repository make sure to
adjust /etc/apt/sources.list according to your needs
(the repositories are also available via https, make
sure to have apt-transport-https installed then):

# stable repository:
  deb     http://deb.grml.org/ grml-stable  main
  deb-src http://deb.grml.org/ grml-stable  main

# testing/development repository:
  deb     http://deb.grml.org/ grml-testing main
  deb-src http://deb.grml.org/ grml-testing main

More information available at the grml-wiki:


If you notice any problems please let us know:


The repository is maintained by:

    Alexander Wirt - formorer (at) grml.org
    Michael Prokop - mika (at) grml.org

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